Indiscretions [noun]

Definition of Indiscretions:


Opposite/Antonyms of Indiscretions:

Sentence/Example of Indiscretions:

On “Somebody’s Problem,” he sings about “thekindagirl” whose magnetism defies his better judgment, as if fast-forwarding through his indiscretion.

Her conduct, frank and open-hearted, was irreproachable, ever above even the slightest suspicion of indiscretion.

And your sister-in-law's own affair, dear Mrs. Dodd, is it an indiscretion to ask you if it is settled yet?

Then, perhaps, I shall commit the indiscretion of asking you to give me a helping hand.

You were right, Marguerite; you had already been guilty of an indiscretion which only your attachment to me can excuse.

"Indiscretion is the better part of valor," said she, dropping her head but raising her eyes.

Ten days in the hole you call a prison is more than enough for a trifling indiscretion such as he committed.

Eleanor was appalled at the effect upon her aunt of such indiscretion.

I've been putting it off partly because I'm so ashamed of my indiscretion.

But you will pardon an indiscretion that arises in the interest I feel in yourself.