Problems [noun]

Definition of Problems:

difficulty; bad situation

Synonyms of Problems:

Opposite/Antonyms of Problems:

Sentence/Example of Problems:

Americans in need are not strangers, they are citizens, not problems, but priorities.

If you can solve the problems, will you send me the answers by the first post?

Christian Vellacott had worked out most problems in life for himself.

Your experience is called on to solve instantly and practically a thousand problems.

In no way at all did it solve the problems by which I had been so suddenly confronted.

Problems are never so simple in the working out as they appear in theories.

The problems of love are linked on to the needs of the race.

The problems of our individual loves are linked on to the racial life.

It also has direct and urgent bearing on many of the problems of womanhood.

Here is Thoreau's attitude toward the problems of the inner life.