Streetcar [noun]

Definition of Streetcar:

trolley car

Synonyms of Streetcar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Streetcar:


Sentence/Example of Streetcar:

Well, it's only a drizzle and we can take a streetcar to within a block of the house.

Coming out on the streetcar she had not had the least dread of meeting Frank.

Within half a block of the streetcar line on Malvern an early spring had encouraged plowing of a 200 foot square garden.

"Read the paper on the streetcar," she said as she helped him into his coat.

He might have been a store clerk, or streetcar conductor, or nearly anything.

Do you remember a little incident which occurred in a streetcar some six weeks ago?

Probably no one else on the streetcar beside myself noticed there wasn't a single passenger car, truck or bus that passed us.

Linda nodded as she shot the Bear Cat across the streetcar tracks and headed toward the desert.

She stepped from it at ten o'clock in the morning, and by the streetcar route made her way to Lilac Valley.

And will I ever forget your handing me over to a policeman, for having attempted to pick your pocket in the streetcar?