Atrociously [adverb]

Definition of Atrociously:

cruelly, without remorse

Opposite/Antonyms of Atrociously:

Sentence/Example of Atrociously:

Using the timeout to save five yards in the middle of the field early in the third quarter on first down is one of the most atrocious decisions a coach can make.

I don’t know if you can find it on a map, but this is atrocious.

But I declare this king worthy of being confined as a madman if he were so atrociously besotted.

The various republics of Greece and the republic of Rome were nothing but oligarchies, often atrociously tyrannical.

I read by all signs that she was making him suffer atrociously and I owed that girl a grudge.

Woman Guest (to neighbor)—I never saw Mrs. Smythe looking quite so hideous and atrociously vulgar before, did you?

The foul rebels have refused to parley, and have atrociously wronged the would-be peace-maker.

He wished that it might be covered up, encysted like some morbid growth in the body, and not remain so atrociously alive.

It riles me, however, that the affair was so atrociously bungled by Crenshaw and the others.

"But it'd be no lie in your case, dearie," put in Mrs. Norton, feeling carefully of her atrociously blond store hair.