Chromatic [adjective]

Definition of Chromatic:

brilliant, intensely hued

Synonyms of Chromatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chromatic:

Sentence/Example of Chromatic:

If the genus is Chromatic, as M. Ruelle is disposed to think, they are g-a-a♯-b-d-e-f.

Along with this change we have to note the comparative disuse of the Enharmonic and Chromatic divisions of the tetrachord.

The outlines of things under these rainbow-tinted undulations produced the chromatic effects of optical glasses made too convex.

It contains nothing notable, except perhaps the descending chromatic successions of chords of the sixth.

Observe now the chromatic variety and beauty produced by intelligent horticulture!

I play diatonic or chromatic octave scales, with four repetitions or more, on each note—using fourth finger for black keys.

All this fine chromatic scale passes within such modest boundaries that it is accused as a monotony.

My cheval de bataille was the Polonaise from Mignon, at the end of which I had introduced some chromatic trills.

It resembles closely an Erda theme of the Ring—as is quite natural, for one chromatic scale cannot but resemble another.

Most magnificent is the descending chromatic passage that accompanies Ortrud as she casts her spell again over Frederick.