Damping [verb]

Definition of Damping:

drench, wet

Synonyms of Damping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Damping:

Sentence/Example of Damping:

Harnessing graphene’s stiffness, lightness, and damping properties—its ability to stop moving as soon as an electrical current stops passing through it—Ora is using graphene oxide to make membranes for headphones and loudspeakers.

First go over the part to be coloured with the brush and clean water for the purpose of damping it.

Damping Off is the rotting off of cuttings or young plants near the surface of the soil.

Miss Poppleton received the suggestion with a coldness that was particularly damping.

The world supported his pretension; and her passion to serve as Chillon's comrade sank at a damping because it was flame.

Cecil, however, was determined to resist the damping influence as long as she could.

The damping sheets should be cut at least an inch wider and longer than the printing sheets.

A few sheets of unsized paper are needed as damping sheets, one being used to every three printing sheets.

The sheets of printing paper are kept between these while damping before work.

To prepare for work, a damping sheet is taken and brushed over evenly with water with a broad brush (like that used for sizing).