Defusing [verb]

Definition of Defusing:

disarm; smooth over

Synonyms of Defusing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defusing:

Sentence/Example of Defusing:

It’s set to go off early next year unless Congress defuses it soon.

It may help defuse resentment if you think of your parent co-workers as being incapacitated by the novel coronavirus, similar to someone on sick leave.

Every democratic country in the world faces the same challenge, but none can defuse it alone.

Intoxicated, he said, he got into an argument with several underage girls, so four or five police officers approached to defuse the situation.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture has sought to defuse anxiety by declaring “total confidence” in its ability to ensure grain supply, noting that the country produces more than 95 percent of the grains it needs.

At one base I was waiting when they wheeled in a stretcher with the remains of an Englishman who had been trying to defuse a bomb.

The stem of the black alder of this country before mentioned as arriving to great size, is simply branching and defuse.

So we had our people in Gdynia defuse the thing after it was put on board the ship, but otherwise leave it entirely alone.