Diphthongs [noun]

Definition of Diphthongs:

sound unit of speech

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Sentence/Example of Diphthongs:

It is curious that the close o is heard only in the infrequent diphthong óu, or as an obscured, unaccented final.

The diphthong is long when a voiced sound follows it, short before a voiceless sound.

Listen to a foreigner's pronunciation of English words containing this diphthong; what do you notice?

In both cases we have a laxly articulated short sound, and a diphthong in which the tongue rises towards the end.

Notice the faulty tendency to raise the tongue too high in uttering the first part of this diphthong; see § 40.

O coalesces into a diphthong with a, as moan, groan, approach: oa has the sound of o long.

Vuei is a descending diphthong, the ue representing the French eu.

When the root ends in a single consonant preceded by a diphthong, or in more than one consonant preceded by a vowel, reject the e.

Two vowels, or a vowel and a diphthong, coming together but sounded separately belong to separate syllables.

The diphthong ew is a sample of what may be called an unsteady or unstable combination.