Dissipative [adjective]

Definition of Dissipative:

not economical

Synonyms of Dissipative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissipative:

Sentence/Example of Dissipative:

Although I’d initially feel terrified when the monster appeared for stealth sections, my fear would soon dissipate, as I’d always leave these encounters unharmed.

The measurements used force sensors mounted in the pedals of the bike—a crucial detail, since fatigue starts dissipating within a few seconds.

After unpacking and unrolling it, you should allow it to sit for 72 while it expands into its regular shape and all manufacturing odors dissipate.

If your symptoms do not dissipate, I want you to tell your family doctor.

Conversely, if you’re taking a bath with the aim of going to bed soon after, make sure you move into a cool space not long after soaking—otherwise the heat from your body won’t dissipate and send you off to dreamland.

You therefore need a substantial heat shield which dissipates 99 percent of the energy—protecting the cargo and those all-important rockets that you need for landing.

In practice the vibrations of a system are more or less affected by dissipative forces.

Modest and brave men have looked on low-bosomed women in the glitter of dissipative lights with the same feeling.