Filtering [verb]

Definition of Filtering:

separate to refine; seep through

Synonyms of Filtering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Filtering:

Sentence/Example of Filtering:

When ordinary methods do not suffice, it can usually be cleared by shaking up with a little magnesium carbonate and filtering.

The warm sunlight was filtering through the trees, making golden pools of light here and there.

When cool, it may be filtered through a funnel lined with filtering paper.

Strong gold & heavy precipitate in test, silver test poor but on filtering showed like white of egg in tube (unusual).

The northern part is insufficiently watered, the rains filtering quickly through the soil.

Toward the first filtering in of the dawn, King OLeary, dozing at his post, woke up at a touch on his shoulder.

The glare of the California sunshine, filtering through the canvas, became mellowed, warm and golden.

Refined juice is prepared by dissolving the foreign701 juice in water, filtering and evaporating.

A little moonlight had come filtering in between the decks, as the heavy moon rolled up over the horizon.

Following a twenty-four hours' blizzard, the sky was overcast, with the usual dim light filtering through a mist of snow.