Habitats [noun]

Definition of Habitats:

place where someone resides

Opposite/Antonyms of Habitats:


Sentence/Example of Habitats:

In this forest the important animal habitats include the needle- and leaf-litter, and in some areas, bromeliads.

These specimens have come from a variety of habitats from elevations of less than 1,000 meters.

In a similar fall course attention was given specially to the study of animals in their various habitats.

Range, Habitats, &c.The species are found all over the world, excepting in the very cold latitudes.

Other trap lines in somewhat different habitats were maintained for shorter periods as a basis for comparison.

Munson made similar tests of vines of twenty-two American species of vines secured from their habitats.

Representatives of this race, reflecting their diversified habitats, show many ethnic differentiations.

By these various means habitats have been found for future colonies, spheres for future colonial expansion.

Hence it will be seen that, within certain limits, there is considerable variation in the habitats of the Agaricini.

Of special habitats, we may allude to Nyctalis, of which the species are parasitic on dead fungi belonging to the genus Russula.