Windless [adjective]

Definition of Windless:

peaceful, quiet (inanimate)

Synonyms of Windless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Windless:

Sentence/Example of Windless:

They are still, still in the calm of the brightest day, or in the chill of a windless night.

The day was windless, and there they stayed, hour after hour, without any stir or motion.

The sheltered dell was windless, but here a stiff breeze blew.

Windless it lies as it falls or rises out of Chaos that encompasses all.

The heat in the windless underbrush, alive with insects, was stifling.

It was as level as a windless lake, and almost without vegetation.

Summer is here, in earnest, and the last few days have been hot and windless.

Not another sound broke the heavy silence of the windless night.

When he awoke again the sun shone on him, and the morning was calm and windless.

This morning it is pleasant and windless, as I wait for the order to start.