Ataraxia [noun]

Definition of Ataraxia:

peace, quiet

Synonyms of Ataraxia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ataraxia:

Sentence/Example of Ataraxia:

When the sage realizes this, he will cease to prefer one course of action to another, and the result will be apathy, "ataraxia."

The Sceptic in seeking ataraxia in the things of opinion, does not entirely escape from suffering from his sensations.

Ataraxia came to the Sceptic as success in painting the foam on a horse's mouth came to Apelles the painter.

The method, however, by which ataraxia or peace of mind could be reached, was peculiar to the Sceptic.

The aim of Pyrrhonism was ataraxia in those things which pertain to opinion, and moderation in the things which life imposes.