Busily [adverb]

Definition of Busily:

actively; intently

Opposite/Antonyms of Busily:

Sentence/Example of Busily:

She stood looking at him as he danced around the bag, busily punching its rotund sides.

Edward, while busily arranging 'to cross seas' to Flanders, was also pushing forward preparations for a 'Scottish War.'

The like denunciation was busily repeated through the churches, especially of the north of England.

For a considerable time they were silent, the one busily engaged writing, the other engrossed with a book.

We met with several Brahmins busily engaged with calculations and written treatises.

Dan busily employed himself with the whisky whilst Young Glory was writing his letter.

The room was full of healthy-looking workmen, tidily dressed and busily doing honour to the porridge and other items on the menu.

The good woman was at home, busily engaged with her knitting needles, when her visitors entered.

After his narrow escape, Rory was soon at the head of a band, and burning villages as busily as ever.

Out on a green meadow a farmer drove a tractor, busily plowing deep furrows for a new crop.