Contentedly [adverb]

Definition of Contentedly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Contentedly:

Sentence/Example of Contentedly:

Bissett was a fellow member of the Middle Temple, as contentedly briefless as himself.

Oh, thats splendid, cried Dinah, hanging contentedly upon his arm.

In the darkness of the court a friendly cat rubs her head contentedly against your leg.

The girl puffed her cigarette contentedly for a few seconds; then she bent towards him, swinging her little brown-shoed foot.

In an open stretch of meadow he came upon a white horse and a mule grazing contentedly.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and we both had a good time—in fact, I don't know when I have been so contentedly happy.

If it passed the inspection, he would nod contentedly, trill out a gay refrain, and replace it on the easel for further study.

A Connecticut boy had a little kitten on his shoulders, which kept its place contentedly.

He was standing in about two feet of cold spring water contentedly chewing his cud.

“As mine did,” said Jean, contentedly, with a glance from her work out the window where the blacksmith was shoeing a horse.