Blissfully [adverb]

Definition of Blissfully:


Opposite/Antonyms of Blissfully:

Sentence/Example of Blissfully:

All that was left was an image of discipline and blissful monotony.

Words fail to tell you how absolutely Scotch we are and how blissfully happy.

And in amongst the women were the babies, rolling around on bits of rags, blissfully happy in their complete nakedness.

Presently he stopped beside Rouse and gazed into the lad's upturned face, blissfully serene in the innocent confidence of youth.

And again, blissfully—'I can feel your heart beating—so fast, so fast.'

He was a bit amazed at all the new things around him and blissfully unconscious of trouble.

Bobby had slept blissfully nearly all the day, after his exhausting labors and torturing pains.

Her hat was on one side of her head, and her pompadour drooped dejectedly, but Miss Sallie was blissfully unconscious.

If he came, she awoke from that dream, but felt herself blissfully languid and faint.

Between them Marjorie had quite a normal babyhood, and the members of the committee were blissfully unaware of it.