Demands [noun]

Definition of Demands:

question, request

Opposite/Antonyms of Demands:

Sentence/Example of Demands:

But the great number of Indians still unconverted demands many more missionaries, whom the king is urged to send.

And yet, the acknowledged state of things here is a grave fact which challenges inquiry and demands explanation.

Of course I had to satisfy the ruffian's insolent demands, but I did so under protest.

In any social movement, then, change and alteration in a new direction must be balanced against the demands of social stability.

He was a refuge from herself; in his imperious demands her memory slept, her depths were stagnant.

Several sentinels drew around the vehicle, with demands whence it came, and what was the object of the persons it contained.

He knew his world too well to make preposterous mental demands upon it.

Meanwhile, unknown to the Marshal, the Emperor had accepted the Czar's demands for an armistice.

The fate of the more important prisoners demands particular notice.

The magnitude, and variety, and demands of the objects embraced by it, define the times necessary for engaging in it.