Dime [noun]

Definition of Dime:

smaller currency in exchange for larger

Synonyms of Dime:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dime:



Sentence/Example of Dime:

He’d even gone as far as installing protective gates on his own dime.

Add in a little negotiation, and you’ll ensure you never waste a dime.

Additionally, if the tax increase did lead to a significant increase in electric vehicle purchases, SANDAG would have done a great deal to reduce carbon emissions without spending a dime.

Unlike calling the SEC, however, that won’t earn them a dime.

The artist never sees a dime from that, relying instead on the value of future releases to pay dividends on the work.

When this is all said and done, I hope we look back and recognize that a lot of educators turned on a dime and did their best to move from physical presence to digital presence.

Yeah, he’s the story of the family you don’t see, but I’ve just been so proud of him throughout the years and how entrepreneurial he’s been, and never asked for a dime, never anything.

Knowing these guidelines can change at the drop of the dime, it’s also important to continuously monitor those health guidelines on a regular basis and right before you leave for your trip, just in case anything changes.

We’ve really learned in all this how capable we are of quickly turning on a dime.

This narrative has fueled, albeit inefficiently, American corporations on the taxpayer dime.