Dunning [verb]

Definition of Dunning:

be or make anxious, troubled

Synonyms of Dunning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dunning:

Sentence/Example of Dunning:

Dunning urged an amendment to prevent any abuse of the act; and North, always averse from violent measures, accepted his proposal.

After an animated debate, led by Dunning in opposition, the Bill passed the Commons by a vote of more than three to one.

I am impatient to receive your approbation of Dunning's Bill.

Ten thousand pounds are wanting to establish him—we cannot raise the money amongst us, without dunning poor Mr. Vincent.

"If they win it will come from Collingwood's shallying about," asserted "Deacon" Dunning, who had just joined the group.

His chief political lieutenants were Dunning and Barré, who at the time sat for his borough Calne.

No doubt the Brentanos were meant; Steiner had evidently been dunning him for the old debt.

"Der yes," replied Dunning, eyeing the speaker with a curious, half doubtful and half quizzing expression.

My uncle started back as if he had met a sprite; but he asked if Mr. Dunning was at home.

Dunning listened attentively, but seemed uncertain whether to dissent or approve.