Dollars [noun]

Definition of Dollars:

paper money

Synonyms of Dollars:

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Sentence/Example of Dollars:

He became a doctor in two hours, and it only cost him twenty dollars to complete his education.

I should pay a capable secretary like you—knowing several languages and all that—say forty dollars a week.

Pat Malone, you are fined five dollars for assault and battery on Mike Sweeney.

I would certainly; and as I am much interested in the subject, I will willingly give you five dollars for your rule.

Another fence: who would furnish that two hundred and fifty dollars and secure him for the remainder?

The landlord handed him his bill—'Two weeks board at five dollars—ten dollars.'

I gib ten dollars toward de stated preaching ob de Gospel de fus' year, and de peepil all call me Brudder Dickson.

"Very well," said the other, handing him a check for twenty-five dollars as a retainer, and straightway left the office.

Orlean had secured a position in a ladies' tailoring establishment at five dollars and fifty cents a week, and there he went.

Twenty dollars a month is the salary, and school keeps for six months, so I shall earn the large sum of $120 a year.