Dismissing [verb]

Definition of Dismissing:

send away, remove; free

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismissing:

Sentence/Example of Dismissing:

But dismissing them from our thoughts for the time being, as we did then from our presence, let us continue our journey.

He heard me out in silence, and then stopped and partly turned about, as though to mark beyond doubt that he was dismissing me.

There is a ridiculous charge brought against you, but I am obliged to hear it before dismissing it.

The Earl turned at this slightly, with an air of utterly dismissing and despising the speaker.

He began by dismissing all plebeians employed about the royal palaces and appointing youths of noble blood in their places.

She made a motion of her hand as if dismissing him, but Chad never moved.

As if dismissing the incident from his mind, he turned toward the scows.

Before dismissing the subject, however, it is right to remind our readers that Mr. Bruce's bill did not perish utterly.

Then, dismissing the girl with a gesture, she turned and strode rapidly along the corridor, away from the audience hall.

Captain Quill was silent for a moment, then he simply said, “Very well,” thus dismissing the whole subject.