Duped [verb]

Definition of Duped:

fool someone

Synonyms of Duped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duped:

Sentence/Example of Duped:

Like millions of others, I read Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run and realized that I’d been duped by big running shoe companies who had sold me something that I didn’t actually need.

Among the other defendants in the case are businesses and sellers in China that helped source the dupes.

Maybe you dupe me, maybe you dupe my wife, but you’re not going to dupe 14 major companies.

In a fatal mistake, fishflee in the wrong direction — straight toward a snake’smouth — when duped by a twitch of the snake’s neck rightbefore the predator strikes.

While submitting and canceling orders isn’t illegal, it is unlawful as part of a strategy intended to dupe other traders.

If the above fail to open the eyes of the duped workmen of this country, what will succeed in doing so?

Ah, beloved brethren, all this is true; and still we say we will be slaves to none, nor let ourselves be duped by gentle words.

But the Whig chiefs were not men to be duped by the professions of so notorious a liar.

He thinks you were duped after the death of the king into accepting that castle on Madame Diane's overthrow.

Now, jealousy and perception awoke together—at one sweeping glance backward, she saw herself slighted—foiled—duped!