Facilities [noun]

Definition of Facilities:

ease; ability

Synonyms of Facilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Facilities:

Sentence/Example of Facilities:

This widening grasp of languages is or was within the capacity of nearly everyone born into the world—given the facilities.

We should easily beat this in America with anything like equal facilities, and without charging the British price—£4 7s.

Reasonable facilities for receiving and forwarding traffic The subject of undue preference, which was forbiddenp.

If there be no facilities for stopping for the night, a driver is not negligent should he proceed through the fog.

Another week was spent fighting over running powers, facilities, etc., and I was in the witness box again.

Whenever they did, reductions in the rates, or the provision of p. 209greater facilities, were to restore the balance.

Railroad tracks and bridges had been demolished; transportation facilities in some areas were almost non-existent.

Barter was common, and there must have been facilities for the distribution of those goods which had their origin in Gaul.

With a settlement of enlightened freemen, who with the immense facilities, must soon grow into a powerful nation.

Additional millions of dollars have been spent recently for expanding existing facilities.