Guises [noun]

Definition of Guises:

appearance, pretense

Synonyms of Guises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guises:

Sentence/Example of Guises:

Never had Tom seen his gay and careless cousin in such guise: he was restless, silent, intense and inarticulate.

Even the air has its strange denizens in the guise of huge beetles and vampire-winged flying foxes.

Under the guise of apparent indifference his mind kept the Canadian under constant observation.

Beyond the door he could see something in the guise of a foreman printer with a damp news sheet in his hand.

The latter appointed to the vacant estates and positions members of her house—that of Guise.

Talpers appeared to him in the guise of the only friend he possessed among white and red.

But he came to meet Essex at Belfast in friendly guise, and he brought his wife and other relations with him.

God sends us at this crisis the shepherd David and his sling to do battle with Goliath of Guise.

Strike three blows on the door, and call out: 'On service from Messieurs de Guise!'

"It is no longer in my possession," replied the secretary, turning round to bow to the Duchesse de Guise.