Leviathan [adjective]

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It might also help the public see tech firms as business partners, and not corporate leviathans that need breaking up.

The 4-million-solar-mass leviathan is relatively quiet today.

Musing this may be your last swim, it might be surprising to learn this leviathan of the deep is a harmless yet endangered gentle giant.

They took on the leviathan task of adding in data about physics, geometry, and evolutionary history into their model.

Specifically, we wanted to know how one determines whether a corporate leviathan that asks for information from a young startup — and maybe even invests in it — is really a friend or foe.

She left in company with the Leviathan, and the two vessels had an exciting trip across the Atlantic.

Fresh from the hands of the enemy into the hands of proud Yankee sailors was the fate of this great leviathan of the deep.

The Leviathan is 954 feet in length, and has a beam of one hundred feet.

The sister ship to the Imperator, and largest vessel in the world, is the Leviathan.

California seemed less like a voluptuous leviathan blowing poppy-dust that blunted the memory of all things beyond her borders.