Agglutination [noun]

Definition of Agglutination:

merger, joining

Opposite/Antonyms of Agglutination:

Sentence/Example of Agglutination:

As yet, it is the only agglutination reaction which has any practical value for the practitioner.

Test the vibrio isolated against the serum of an animal immunised to the Vibrio choleræ for agglutination.

The melting, agglutination, and refining of the metal to fit it for the heavy hammers where it gets nerve.

The operations of roasting, reduction, fusion, and agglutination are executed in the same furnace.

The serum of certain humans may cause the destruction or agglutination of blood corpuscles of certain other humans.

The pathologist would probably object to this interpretation since no amboceptor is needed for agglutination.

Such agglutination occurs often in family names such as Langlois, lit.

Another property which may be possessed by an anti-bacterial (b) Agglutination.

When words are combined by agglutination, theme and formative part usually appear.

This "agglutination" takes place even when the blood is greatly diluted.