Calendering [verb]

Definition of Calendering:

keep a record; tabulate

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Sentence/Example of Calendering:

I am a linendraper bold, as all the world doth know; And my good friend, the calender, will lend his horse to go.

Away went Gilpin out of breath, and sore against his will, Till at his friend the calender's his horse at last stood still.

Moir or “watered” effects are produced in a similar way, but these effects are frequently imitated in the embossing calender.

The embossing calender is usually constructed of two bowls, one of which is of steel and the other of compressed cotton or paper.

To calender paper, it is run through a series of alternate "chilled" and "paper" rolls.

This change also occurs when the paper written upon has been run through a super-calender.

The calender always flattens and imparts a luster to the cloth passed through it.

Another "finish" obtained on the calender is known as "chest finish" or "round-thread finish."

For ordinary calender finish, the surface speed of all the rollers is the same.

When the linoleum backing is finished at the calender, both cloth and centre are forwarded direct to the linoleum works.