Decoying [noun]

Definition of Decoying:

bait, trap

Synonyms of Decoying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decoying:

Sentence/Example of Decoying:

Irving, a more elusive player than Harden, should have been the decoy and release valve if Durant was covered.

The Grizzlies hedge and recover in response to Tatum’s first screen, but that was just a decoy.

The impudence of the authorities, to decoy an unsuspecting workingman across the State line, and then arrest him as my accomplice!

The boy's pulses leaped toward these things even while his lips curled in disdain at the shallow decoy.

You make use of your power to run a common decoy house, to do away with men for money.

The decoy was barely in place before he was on the floor while a volley of lead and a flight of arrows rained against the roof.

They saw nothing but the wretched decoy vanishing behind the nearest tents.

Robinson knew him directly; it was Walker, who had been the decoy-duck the night his tent was robbed.

The man he has saved, as he has saved you, was a decoy,—one of my policemen.

I came to tell you, Alexander, Capper has explained all about—about the decoy!