Defying [verb]

Definition of Defying:

challenge, frustrate

Synonyms of Defying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defying:

Sentence/Example of Defying:

Arches more graceful in form, or better fitted to defy the assaults of time, I have never seen.

If they are still Moderns and alive, I defy you to bury them if you are discussing living questions in a full and honest way.

He could not bear to open his dreadful situation to his Uncle David, nor to kill himself, nor to defy the vengeance of Longcluse.

It was probably this opposition that made young Cargill decide that it would be really worth while to defy the legend.

"Thirty," said the first bidder in a tone which seemed to defy further competition.

I defy you to see or think of them and not smile with an infinite and intimate but quite impersonal pleasure.

In the study of antiquity there are steep and irregular by-paths that defy the traveller every step that he pursues them.

Compact and populous, at once a castle and a city, the place could defy all the horse Indians of North America.

A thousand stony needles lifted their ragged points as if to defy the lightning.

Rocks massed together in confusion form a monstrous monument, defy reason, yet maintain equilibrium.