Discredited [verb]

Definition of Discredited:

blame, detract from

Opposite/Antonyms of Discredited:

Sentence/Example of Discredited:

That statement is discredited also by your outburst of a few moments ago when you called upon me.

For skilful attempts to convert a knock into a boost, commend us to the discredited nostrum exploiter.

Like the apparition it embodies it had always been—and is still to-day even—more or less discredited.

The discredited magician then betook himself to Erfurt, and afterwards to Cassel.

So that to this large extent my theory of the effect of physical charm upon its possessor is discredited.

The tales are honourably discredited by the crazy constitutions of the heirs to the diadem.

Sinn Fein was at the time to all outward seeming an insignificant and discredited party with an impossible programme.

The Whigs were fatally divided, and discredited in the eyes of the country by their antagonism to Pitt.

The treaty with England would go to the senate and he return home, a discredited diplomatic failure.

"Make it short," snapped the captain, showing no great amiability toward this plucked and discredited master.