Discursively [adverb]

Definition of Discursively:


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Sentence/Example of Discursively:

Here was a man who told her the history of his lifetime, not discursively, but in fragments dropped here and there.

Mr. Stocks, in a huge good humour, talked discursively of sport.

Meredith extolled the intellect, which works discursively; Coleridge extolled the reason, which apprehends intuitively.

Being a living "reason" and a productive power, how could it fail discursively to consider what it contains?

Rambling on discursively, she struck upon an idea, too fraught with delightsome mischief not to urge her to immediate action.

Roland had soon unfolded his errand, less systematically and more discursively than he had done to Mr. Chillingworth.

Don Alonso waved discursively a bit of sausage held between bread by tips of long grey fingers.

He heard the Hartwig family discursively lumbering up to bed.

Because one considers discursively only what he does not yet possess.

Philander, to ramble on incoherently; to write discursively and weakly.