Forefinger [noun]

Definition of Forefinger:

index finger

Synonyms of Forefinger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forefinger:


Sentence/Example of Forefinger:

There is more of the uplifted forefinger and the reiterated point than I should have allowed myself in an essay.

A muscle twitched in his corded neck; Arnold eased his long frame into a chair, rubbed thumb and forefinger at his eyes.

Then Sogrange's voice and the beat of his forefinger upon the table stiffened him into sudden alertness.

The garon laughed; held up one hand, with the forefinger crooked.

Meanwhile Carie talked busily to herself, gesticulating with one small forefinger.

Then he leant over John Willie, and his forefinger tapped two or three times on the boy's heart.

The man thus depicted extends the forefinger of one hand to the sun, whilst with the other he holds a ring.

"Oh, yes," said Mr. Braxted, cheerfully indicating Michael with his long forefinger.

He ain't much to look at—a skinny little man, Osman, that ye cud sthrangle between ye'er thumb an' forefinger.

And Mrs. Perkins finished her speech with the largest pinch of maccaboy she could possibly hold between her thumb and forefinger.