Gongs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gongs:

Almost coincident with the last stroke came the sweeter note of a silver gong from somewhere close at hand.

Close to the veranda stood a big night-gong, never used except for flood, or fire in the village.

Maud Barrington's face had grown very colorless, but she said nothing, and her aunt rose and raised the hammer of a gong.

So it happened that this was the main thought in his mind when the starter's gong sounded and the racers shot away down the track.

Return to your seat when the gong sounds the recall, that you may not disturb others after the next act commences.

And now the loud summons of a gong called everybody to the more serious business of the evening.

The regular tolling of the gong, calling to toil or meals, accentuates the enervating routine.

They shiver through the forest, coming together in one deep mingled sound like that of a gong.

But here the Greek, whose face had crimsoned, snatched a tiny baton beside a bronze gong.

Just then the luncheon gong sounded, and they all went down-stairs in the best of spirits.