Intro [noun]

Definition of Intro:

something new; something that begins

Opposite/Antonyms of Intro:

Sentence/Example of Intro:

“Talking about sex doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but thinking about the way it intersects with the outdoors just might be a good place to start,” Borichevsky says in the podcast intro.

The way Mansur plays the guitar sounds like what I’d imagine my intro to heave would sound like.

Although some prefer basic intros, using some sort of external connection can increase a marketer’s chance of building a long-lasting connection.

"I beg—your pardon," he said haltingly, "have I ever—been intro—" Suddenly his eyes closed, a frown gathered on his forehead.

Intro—within, into; intro-vert, to turn within; intro-duce, to lead into.

Sequere hac igitur me intro in lectum, ut sedes lassitudinem.

Nunc tu abi intro, Pistoclere, ad Bacchidem, atque ecfer cito.

I hac mecum intro, ubi tibi sit lepide victibus, vino atque unguentis.

This emanation is wrought as a common infusion of being from Father and Son, as an intro-divine overflowing of love.

All they worry about is whether he is worth double-column headings, a long primer intro., and a line across the page.