Provisioning [noun]

Definition of Provisioning:

supplies, gear for activity

Opposite/Antonyms of Provisioning:


Sentence/Example of Provisioning:

It should be observed that the work does not merely treat of the provisioning of a great city.

The difficulties in the way of provisioning the army were great.

The provisioning of the great house was the work of the Lardner, Fr.

Now came the important work of provisioning their ark of safety.

We were, however, detained for several days refitting and provisioning the ship.

It is needless to recount all the details of the building and provisioning of this raft.

The sailors are pumping, and the stewards are provisioning the boats.

Already the work of provisioning and fitting the vessel was in progress.

In the matter of provisioning, equipment, and way of travelling, I made some alteration.

What efforts have been made to open up other roads for provisioning the army?