Reinforces [verb]

Definition of Reinforces:

strengthen, augment

Synonyms of Reinforces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reinforces:

Sentence/Example of Reinforces:

His knowledge of natural fact, instead of falsifying his vision, reinforces it.

Wine robs a man of his self-possession; opium sustains and reinforces it.

It continually solicits his wonder and praise—it reinforces the historic page.

It reinforces his courage, doubles up his ambitions and puts him on his metal.

So it happens that every nation finds here its own, and reinforces its traditions.

It reinforces the unseen hosts that fight for spirit in the age-long struggle with the powers of materialism and darkness.

Personality, then, must always be a vital factor since it colours and vitalises, as well as reinforces the meaning of the music.

He reinforces the soul with the fear and love of God, and gives it power, complete power, over the fleshly appetites.

We say it reinforces one of the component notes of your voice and makes it louder.

Moreover, time by itself increases and reinforces the sacred character of things.