Requiems [noun]

Definition of Requiems:

hymn, mass

Synonyms of Requiems:

Opposite/Antonyms of Requiems:


Sentence/Example of Requiems:

"I do not feel that we have come here to sing a requiem for art this afternoon," he said.

In his gloomy spirits he even said to his wife that he was writing his own requiem.

A requiem completed the devotions of the unfortunate Kenmure.

Love had been the cradle-song of his infancy, love was the requiem of his youth.

The wind was howling their requiem over the inhospitable coast.

Let the ocean be my sepulchre, and the winds sing my requiem.

It seemed to him that the requiem of all his hopes was being played.

And that was their requiem, for now it was each man for himself.

But the mysterious ladies remained, and the requiem went on.

"Yes," he said, and his voice was as a requiem to buried friendship.