Shapes [noun]

Definition of Shapes:

form, structure

Synonyms of Shapes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shapes:

Sentence/Example of Shapes:

It is the mind after all that really sees, shapes, and colors all things.

All we know is that she is one of four shapes gathered round a small table.

These cakes must be cut into shapes when they are hot, as otherwise they will break.

And the shapes of their leaves were as varied as their tints.

Press it, and, when cold, cut it into cutlets or other shapes.

The templates should be cut from heavy cardboard so they will hold their shapes.

They are of various sizes and shapes, with a variety of surface markings.

I look at it now, and wonder how it will develop as the soul behind it shapes and grows.

There were other shapes in the markings of the Service that shot slantingly down.

The shapes are so multifarious, as to preclude us from giving any specific directions.