Recognition [noun]

Definition of Recognition:

identification, acknowledgment

Opposite/Antonyms of Recognition:

Sentence/Example of Recognition:

When he came, Paralus looked upon him with a smile of recognition, and said, "My father!"

But the recognition of his merit came sooner than could have been expected.

After a sort of shyness in the recognition, he turns back with them.

He told them what had happened, the meeting, the recognition.

And yet, it seems to me, this is the beginning of our recognition of the Divine.

You think, then, that recognition would not be a Poor policy?

It was familiar; he felt that some recognition was due, for it was a woman's face.

He looked at her as he sat down, but she gave no sign of recognition.

No sign of recognition; rather a cold, frigid stare, I thought.

As in a dream I heard her cry of recognition, and knew that she was gliding toward me.