Blackguarding [verb]

Definition of Blackguarding:

tarnish a reputation

Synonyms of Blackguarding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blackguarding:

Sentence/Example of Blackguarding:

And she's always been blackguarding me for my affairs with men!

Thereupon he makes it, blackguarding and wiping the floor up with a millionaire brewer.

Whereupon Pauline raised her voice and set to work blackguarding him with her Billingsgate vocabulary.

They'll never stop blackguarding me, I know, until you're Phil Compton yourself, my beauty.

Raed and Kit sat blackguarding each other to keep up their spirits.

Jones meets Smith, and they both go at it—that is, blackguarding each other.

I had a thorough good blackguarding yesterday from your friend Humpage, so I've got my hand in.

I have one fat friend in my eye would take the brief for mere pleasure of blackguarding you.

The "Times" little knew the good it was doing us when it was blackguarding the Irish landlords, and depreciating Irish property.

So he dared him to shoot, calling him all manner of names, and blackguarding him roundly.