Constraining [verb]

Definition of Constraining:

force; restrain

Synonyms of Constraining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Constraining:

Sentence/Example of Constraining:

With those, who knew him well, constraining was the influence of this man, who spoke with authority of life and God and duty.

And constraining himself, and distorting his esthetic and ethical feeling, he tries to conform to the ruling opinion.

He was essentially an Industrial man; great in organizing, regulating, in constraining chaotic heaps to become cosmic for him.

Every one is conscious that, however corrupt his nature, he is under no irresistible impulse, no constraining necessity.

Military science, constraining chaos into the cosmic state, has nowhere such a problem.

But in either case it is only a constraining condition, not the divine impulse itself.

Cupid after the discharge of the Arrow—with finger raised constraining silence.

It was all a kiss, despite the constraining straps—or almost all.

She hated the North, she wished to be gone from it, and most of all she hated Bill Wagstaff for constraining her presence there.

Kind gentleness comes also in its train, Constraining men to serve those some would blame.