Deliverer [noun]

Definition of Deliverer:

person who redeems, aids in time of difficulty

Synonyms of Deliverer:

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Sentence/Example of Deliverer:

Further, the appeals court remands the case back to Rosenberg for review to deliver a new ruling consistent with guidance on the First Amendment.

We deliver them to every department within our hospital so that each and every person working has the opportunity to get the cookies and know the community is there supporting them and thinking of them.

If Hayes is going to deliver on that potential, he needed a landing spot that would give him a wide berth and a long runway.

She calls them “mis hijitos,” or “my little sons,” and takes her own children to the weekend games or on the visits she makes to the complex to deliver groceries from the local food pantry.

Insulated water bottles are significantly heavier but deliver the magic of ice-cold liquids when the weather is hot and vice versa.

Think of Netflix and Hulu, services that deliver TV shows “over the top” of traditional modes like analogue TV and cable.

Lengthy global supply chains deliver real margin improvements, but events of this frequency have to be fully accounted for as a real cost of doing business with this kind of structure.

That was easily the most political speech I’ve ever seen delivered by a Supreme Court justice.

Late on Wednesday, Communications Director Lee Cain — who worked with Cummings and Johnson to deliver the 2016 Brexit referendum vote — announced he was standing down.

As they resupply corner stores in remote villages, they could deliver vaccines.