Mailman [noun]

Definition of Mailman:

mail carrier

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Sentence/Example of Mailman:

As one veteran of the Swiss banking giant tells Fortune, “If you had worked for UBS in those days, the mailman would grumble at you.”

About 1910, however, a mailman was provided by the post office, though he still worked under the charge of the Chief Librarian.

I am very glad I wish Edward was here, but the mailman may bring me a letter from him this morning.

I knew that in all probability we should have no visitors for ten or eleven days until the mailman came.

“Here the mailman comes at last,” she sighed in relief, as she saw the man turn in at the house next door.

"'Tis Her Majesty's mail, b'y," Billy could hear the mailman say.

Most days in the winter, the only car to come by was the mailman.

The distance from Boulia to Springvale is 80 miles, the only traffic along it being the pack horse of the mailman once a week.

The closer timber had been used by the mailman to attract the attention of the station people in flood time, as we were to do.

We did see one time some—the mailman brought a big package in.