Doorbell [noun]

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From a networked series of sensors and lights to simple doorbell cameras, anything that adds that extra level of protection can qualify.

I grabbed my book, and was just settling into reading… when the doorbell rang.

One eBird app reviewer, “Notta Realname,” noted that after spotting an unusual bird for their locality, birders rang their doorbell, asking to sit in their backyard so they could see the bird.

Specifically, improperly installed 2nd-generation Ring doorbells can catch fire, causing property damage and potential burn hazards.

Young Taverney got out first, rang at a house doorbell, and returned to receive Andrea in his arms.

The name "Students' Hostel," written on a large poster placed at the gate, attracted my attention and I rang the doorbell.

In the construction of this doorbell it is best to purchase a small instrument known as the "tubaphone."

Somewhere in that evening before we retired, and after we had eaten, the doorbell rang and two men from Life Magazine appeared.

It was the front doorbell, and it meant the arrival of the engines.

At three o'clock in the morning he was in bed and asleep when I rang his doorbell.