Dismays [noun]

Definition of Dismays:

disappointed feeling; distress

Synonyms of Dismays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismays:

Sentence/Example of Dismays:

Platforms like Facebook and other businesses whose revenue will take a hit from lost ad dollars have reacted with anger and dismay, while the opt-out means that marketers will have a tougher time targeting consumers efficiently.

It is only in the chapter on the Many-Worlds Interpretation that he voices his dismay.

The further you get from Wall Street, the deeper the dismay about the state of the economy.

Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s classic 2003 novel Oryx and Crake refers to a time when “there was a lot of dismay out there, and not enough ambulances”—a prediction of our current predicament.

To the dismay of many public health experts, that remains a question up for debate in the United States even as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Liszt looked at it, and to her fright and dismay cried out in a fit of impatience, "No, I won't hear it!"

From mere regrets he was passing now, through dismay, into utter repentance of his promise.

But even such reproof may be carried too far as on one occasion I found to my dismay.

He gave so violent a start, his face expressed so much of apprehension and dismay, that I stared at him blankly.

Eyes exchanged quick, anxious glances, questioning, expressive of dismay.