Dynamics [noun]

Definition of Dynamics:

movement, action

Synonyms of Dynamics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dynamics:

Sentence/Example of Dynamics:

He conducted a study using computational fluid dynamics simulations to understand how air flows inside a car and its implications for covid-19 airborne transmission.

A wondrous science of dynamics exhibits here its problems ready solved.

But dynamics has not been the only physical science involved in making the machine of civilization.

Of course scales must be carefully studied, with various accents, rhythms and tonal dynamics; arpeggios also.

Dynamics, or kinetics, which treats of simple motion as an effect of the action of forces.

It was also equally evident that the laws governing the new science of thermo-dynamics could be mathematically expressed.

This was the first great step toward the formation of a Science of Thermo-dynamics.

It is excellent beyond praise, however, as a treatise on the thermo-dynamics of heat-engines.

It will take decades, perhaps centuries, to work out a complete dynamics of man.

Neither stress nor syllabic weight is a very keen psychologic factor in the dynamics of French.