Huntsmen [noun]

Definition of Huntsmen:

a person who hunts

Synonyms of Huntsmen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Huntsmen:


Sentence/Example of Huntsmen:

He used to be a huntsman in the service of his Highness the Prince de Conti, and he owes everything to him.

There had been a great chase commanded in the Bois de Vincennes, for M. de Monsoreau to enter on his functions of chief huntsman.

Four days since Baron Gaston went upon the debatable land to lay a hound; with him only Gaspar, the huntsman.

The major-domo (for it was he) bowed respectfully, for the chief huntsman's name was well known in Anjou.

And Those Others tried to make them ever more intelligent and crafty so they might be sent to hunt without a huntsman.

But what is the right of a huntsman to the forest of a thousand miles over which he has accidentally ranged in quest of prey?

One day he sent out a huntsman to shoot him a roe, but he did not come back.

Then the huntsman washed his face and went into the court that they might know him.

The huntsman took pity on her, and put his hand in his pocket and gave her what he had.

The Leviathan kept ahead, and led as well as she could, while we did the duty of huntsman, or of whipper-in.