Investigations [noun]

Definition of Investigations:

thorough check

Synonyms of Investigations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Investigations:

Sentence/Example of Investigations:

And I am told that the governor ordained what had to be done, namely, to make no investigations against the dead woman.

"Very well," said the agent, motioning to Plenty Buffalo to go on with the close investigations he had been silently carrying on.

Even where conviction is obtained in such cases it is only after the most laborious and expensive processes and investigations.

However much I keep my investigations quiet, there's a gang of reporters nosing about everywhere.

The Epicureans despised the investigations of philosophy, since in their view these did not contribute to happiness.

As there are 668 of these days in a Martial year, we have more time than you for our work, our investigations, and our enjoyments.

Favored by this annual turmoil, the happy Augustine escaped the investigations of her Argus-eyed relations.

You could have cleared me easily enough by dropping the case, or making your investigations before ever an indictment was issued.

Professor Hartt lived to prove just the contrary; but, unfortunately, he did not live to publish the result of his investigations.

Since the writing of this it has been learned that such investigations have been carried out by Harkins.