Visioned [verb]

Definition of Visioned:


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Sentence/Example of Visioned:

For a hasty moment he visioned the commencement of the revolt.

All the while he visioned Cis's surprise and delight over the tarts.

He stared at him as if he were but a speck in the universe he visioned.

If I told, where would be the surprise and the visioned triumph?

She visioned a safe and pleasant life, if no very thrilling one.

She visioned him with his pistol and dagger and her heart was crushed with anxiety.

A certain skeptic hardness was in her gaze as he visioned it.

He visioned a future in which fame had given him courage to tell her his love.

Here it stood vivid and actual before the eyes that had visioned it.

It was not like this that they had visioned the opening of the Gate.