Celebrations [noun]

Definition of Celebrations:

commemoration of occasion, achievement

Opposite/Antonyms of Celebrations:

Sentence/Example of Celebrations:

The repetition of her festival may possibly point to separate celebrations of the communities of Palatine and Quirinal.

It was about ten years before the Civil War that “set pieces” began to form a part of fireworks celebrations.

The Fords had motored her up to town to see the celebrations and to go to a ball at one of the big hotels that night.

To outvie one another in celebrations of births, weddings, deaths and coronations they beggar themselves.

The festival was peculiar to the Athenians, but among them persons of all ages and both sexes took part in the celebrations.

Most of his festivals and celebrations had symbolical or direct allusions to the four points of the compass.

Miss Sen isn't accustomed to celebrations like this when old people turn into children and children turn into infants.

In every way we are better men, in the age and race and country in which we live, for these celebrations.

It has played a prominent part on the Fourth of July celebrations and is a valued pioneer memento.

The week of the Pascal celebrations would have occupied the time until the moon's last quarter.